Fuck racism

An open letter from me:

My poster "FUCK RACISM" has received thousands of shares from all over the world. This was and always will be my intention: to be able to share a clear and positive message to all of you. Unfortunately I also received hundreds of comments and DMs full of mean things, insults and negativity. What is curious is that it was only from white people, like me. I honestly don't feel hurt but I would like to be able to clarify some of the many issues.

- "No matter if white, black or even blue!" Tons of people have written to me saying I'm a hypocrite because blue is the color of the police and then to hate. First of all, in my opinion, hating is the way that leads us to extremism and we know very well that historically it has never led to anything good. Second, for the Ghanaian culture the blue color is a symbol of peace, togetherness and love. And that's what I want to spread with my message, a message of inclusion and never of exclusion.

- "Money donation". A lot of people insulted me saying that a poster nobody helps, moneys do. True, but only partially. A strong message is often more important than a handful of money. Money comes and goes, an ideal does not. But do we want to talk about donations? Only in the last three months, my agency Pocko and I have worked together with many charities, getting to collect a more than considerable sum of money for the minorities and most fragile people in relation to the Covid-19 crisis and I have directly donated all the proceeds of my last artistic exhibition. Basically over these months, half of what I earned, I gave it. I'd like to add that, in November 2019, with my partner Miguel, we opened Flaco studio, a gallery here in Spain (I'm Italian, he's spanish, our collaborators are spanish, colombian and french-korean) to give voice to emerging artists and above all to be able to help the charities of the city through the sale of works and donations. So, I'm not taking any kind advantage of this situation.

- "You just want to promote your own shit". This is 100% false. The only reason I signed and will continue to sign all my works is for their protection. I live thanks to art and I honestly do not want such an important message, today and always, to become a simple commercial object.

- "Shut the fuck up, you're white". Exactly, I'm White and so? Why should I shut up?
For this reason I don't want and will never want to be paid for this poster. You are free to download it for free and use it wherever you want to spread the message. If you have a soul, don't use it in commercial ways.

I’m sorry for my terrible english.

© Marco Oggian 2023