Funky Snowboards
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Funky Snowboards


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In Collaboration with Luca Cozzi

Photos by Daily Pit 
Funky Snowboards is one of the greatest winter sport brand in Italy. 

Imagine sometime in the 80s, Como, a group of young guys with a huge passion for extreme sports, a lab, a stereo, and a music cassette full of funky tracks. With the stereo blasting awesome tunes, these guys would design, experiment, and build snowboards of all kinds, signing them with a primitive head and the writing Funky. This scenario represents the first chapter of a long history of pioneering in the world of snowboard, skateboard, windsurf and surf. The first snowboard ever built by Lucio Longoni (Godfather of Funky) was named Preistoria (prehistory), a board measuring 120cm in height, made entirely of wood with a slight turned up nose, and an engraving representing the name of the model. Since that day Funky began an intense technological study which landed its boards on some of the most prestigious podiums in the industry. In just a few years the Italian company became one of the leading brands in Europe, as well as having clients in the rest of the world, however it wasn’t long before the golden years came to an end.  During the production of a big order destined to the USA, a flood destroyed most of the machinery and diminished half the completed boards to nothing more than a big pile of soaked wood. Funky was extinguished nearly as quickly as it had reached greatness, and that lab filled with passion and ideas was sadly forced to close down. But it wasn’t long before those great ideas arose from the ashes…

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Funky guys, creating these two amazing boards! Enjoy