Pepita de Oliva Studio

This is hands down, the coolest mid century furniture selection you can find in A Coruña, Spain. Pepita de Oliva Studio is an independent studio and vintage shop characterized by its reassuring and relaxing atmosphere. A perfect place to lose a couple of hours in the midst of wonderful design and art pieces.

As one of the most important architecture studios in the city, I thought of creating something that recalls a modular space in constant motion. I didn't like the idea of a motionless logo, I wanted to create something recognizable even if we continue to change it.

The aspect ratio remains invariate if we change the rapport between the logo and logotype. The important thing is to correctly scale the elements using the grid. We can create a huge number of possible combinations.
the whole image is characterized by the use of geometric figures to create any singular element of the identity. A personal tribute to the best graphic design school of all time, you already know what I'm talking about!

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